Hello / Bonjour,

My name is Joël Séguin and I build custom websites. Hire me to help your organization succeed online with web solutions tailor made for your business. Let your organization be the star of the show.

Joël Séguin

Why work with me for your next web project?

You only work with one person from start to finish.

You will not be bounced around between project managers, developers and designers.

You get a website that has character and purpose.

I work with you to establish your online goals, then we work collaboratively towards a solution that works for your organization.

You get assistance across the board.

From copywriting, to photography, to getting your business found on Google — I’ll be helping you along the way when you need it most.

You can count on old fashioned cost savings.

It’s simple — I design and develop websites as a freelancer and don’t have much overhead.

You get to talk about you!

I’m here to listen, help you reach your business goals and find you organizational efficiencies along the way.

Custom websites are kind of like shoes...

Did you ever try a pair of shoes that were just too big or too small? You were likely able to walk, but you were uncomfortable, slow, and got tired quickly. The same is true for your website.

If your organization’s website doesn’t line up with your business needs and goals, then productivity decreases drastically. If the site doesn’t reflect your personality, then customers don’t take you for who you are. If your site is not easy for staff to update, then the content gets dated quickly portraying to your users an outdated business.

There are plenty of organizations that simply take the shoe box off the shelf and head for the checkout counter without giving it more thought. In the end this is a much more costly approach and just doesn’t work for most businesses.

A custom website is truly tailor-made just for your organization. Your clients have a personalized experience and so do the content authors.

Some of the web services I offer

Design & development of custom websites that you can update yourself , easily and efficiently.

Custom online forms — collect money, take orders or optimize any of your business processes for increased profits.

Multilingual website development — you translate your web content or let other translation services handle it for you.

Website search engine optimization (SEO) and web marketing.

Design & development of custom eCommerce websites.

Existing website updates and redesigns.

Web Content Management System (CMS) training.

Custom web application development.

What’s special about the websites I build anyway?

I build performant, easy to use websites that you can update anytime.It’s simple and fun to update your site (remember it’s built for you and around your needs).

I typically rely on Drupal - a free open source, enterprise level content management system (CMS). It’s highly secure, extremely extensible, feature rich and the perfect CMS for truly custom websites.

I build websites where the content can easily be consumed by different mediums and systems such as digital signage in order to to save you time.

The sites I build are NOT created from purchased templates. They are not a typical cookie-cutter WordPress site, nor a a website built with a limited site builder.

A few of my web projects

I’ve worked on several freelance web projects over the years. The following are a few recent websites that I have worked on.

During regular business hours, I am working full-time as the web administrator at Conseil scolaire public du Nord-Est de l’Ontario where I create and maintain several web solutions on a daily basis.

About Me

  • I am fluently bilingual.
  • I’ve been building websites since 2002 in various capacities. Anyone remember Flash?
  • I truly enjoy seeing my clients succeed online.
  • I’m a hard worker and take pride in good customer service.
  • I’m always up for a good challenge!